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Timothée Paris meets Tania Dramé

Timothée Paris meets Tania Dramé. Tania is Purchasing Manager at Byredo, a Swedish luxury house. Tania talks to us about everything except work, life is about having fun!


Timothée Paris meets Valentino Dekker

Valentino Dekker is a content creator for his Instagram channel KAIIWONG. Valentino expresses how he sees beauty in everything and what drives him throughout the day.


Timothée Paris meets Stephan Breuer

Timothée Paris meets Stephan Breuer. Stephan is an Artist working around the idea of the Sublime. His work is Atemporal in his capacity to unite the Past, Present and Future.


Timothée Paris meets Timothée Prangé

Timothée Paris meets Timothée Prangé, Co-founder and Director of @Littlereddoorparis, @bonhomieparis, @luluwhitedrinkingclub and @karinidrinks Timothée shares with us his passions for wine, sports & family.  


Timothée Paris meets Akiko Ueda

Akiko, a visual merchandiser at Louis Vuitton and a painter, relaxes 10 minutes every morning with Wim Hof breathing Method. Discover how she keeps her good vibes.


Timothée Paris meets Etienne Delorme

Etienne is the founder of "Daniel Edition". He is fascinated by Myers-Briggs' 16-personality theory and defines himself as unpredictable. Discover Etienne's answers to our 11 questions. 


Timothée Paris meets Camille Landru

Camille Landru, Actor and Director, creator of @paye_ton_crush, tells us about his incredible start of the day and what skills could be extremely useful today.


Timothée Paris meets Pierre Lassalle

Pierre Lassalle, a Project Manager in the movie industry, tells us about a simple Sunday afternoon that made him happy as well as his trips to ‘South Boa Vista’ (Cape Verde) ...