Timothée Paris meets Timothée Prangé

Timothée Paris meets Timothée Prangé, Co-founder and Director of @Littlereddoorparis, @bonhomieparis, @luluwhitedrinkingclub and @karinidrinks Timothée shares with us his passions for wine, sports & family.  

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Timothée Paris meets Akiko Ueda

Akiko, a visual merchandiser at Louis Vuitton and a painter, relaxes 10 minutes every morning with Wim Hof breathing Method. Discover how she keeps her good vibes.

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Timothée Paris meets Etienne Delorme

Etienne is the founder of "Daniel Edition". He is fascinated by Myers-Briggs' 16-personality theory and defines himself as unpredictable. Discover Etienne's answers to our 11 questions. 

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