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Timothée Paris meets Valentino Dekker

Valentino Dekker is a content creator for his Instagram channel KAIIWONG. Valentino expresses how he sees beauty in everything and what drives him throughout the day.


Question from Stephan to Valentino: what is your favourite sensation? 

I love the sensation of being truly satisfied with what I create for myself and others. To translate a vision to imagery perfectly.

 1) How did you start your day today?

The first thing I did was making myself some breakfast and a big cup of coffee while answering my emails. Nothing special really!

 2) Do you have any morning rituals?

The cup of coffee mentioned above.




3) What music would you choose for the day today and why?

Lately I’m really into Christine & the Queens and Mr. Twin sister in the morning (especially when I’m showering). Their music give me the boost I need to start the day. Actually I’m listening to; ‘Damn, dis-moi from Christine’ right now! 

 4) What made you happy the last time?

Dancing till late, in company of my best friend at the Versailles Electro party. Good times! 

5) Where is the best place you've been and why?

Porto and Malta are one of the places I’ve been and really loved due to their cozy, picturesque and mysterious vibes.

 6) Your current obsession?

Foulards! Guess I’m getting old.

7) Who would be your ideal dinner guest and why?

Since I hate romantic dinner dates with people I barely know I would pick one of my best friends. To gormandize unashamedly is the best!





8) What relaxes you?

Travelling, listening to music and photo editing are one of the things that gives me peace of mind. 

9) What skills rarely taught would be extremely useful in everyday life?

The see beauty in everything.

10) A word to describe you ?

Actually I always use the term ‘wandering creative’ to describe myself. 2 words to be exact. Excusez-moi!

11) What question would you like to ask the next person?

I’m really curious to know how the next person is staying creative throughout the whole pandemic and lockdowns. Time to prepare my questions! 

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