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Timothée Paris meets Thibaut Alu

Question from François... What is the meaning of life for you and why?

In my opinion, life is meaningful when you have found an activity that makes you happy and fulfilled whilst helping improve people's lives however you can. Personally, what gives a meaning to my life is to feel happy thanks to my passions, training, coaching, dancing and always with humour to help as much as I can people feel better in their minds and bodies. 

1) How did you start your day today?

My day started off very well with a workout session to wake up my body and to get my mind awake and ready for the day.  Then I had my favorite breakfast, 3 eggs and a banana!

2) Do you have any morning rituals?

I work out every morning without exception and take a cold shower, even in winter. After this, I feel motivated and energetic; It puts me in a the right state of mind to read positive assessments. This daily ritual allows me to fully appreciate the present moment and be optimistic about the future.

3) Which music do you choose for today?

Khalid – Eleven, this really relaxes me. His voice and tones allow me to remain calm and constant in my work.

4) What made you happy last time?

I consider myself happy every day! I have a lot of gratitude for what life has given me; I have a home, a supportive family and great friends. The last great experience that comes to my mind is a hip hop training with my friends. We were as competitive as possible to push our limits and progress as much as we could.

5) Where is the best place you have been and why?
In Australia, I took a sabbatical year and had the opportunity to live there and enjoy this country. Whilst I was working in a sun farm, I remember observing amazing dawns and sunsets. When on a road trip,  the west coast also blew me away; between pink lakes and dunes, it has been the best place so far!
6) Your current obsession?

Develop my activity of personal trainer and coach, even online during confinement. I want to brighten up the daily life of as many people as possible and help them achieve their goals. I am also currently obsessed about a dance choreography that I am creating with my brother Francois Alu.

7) Who would be your ideal dinner guest and why?

David Goggins, he is an incredible character who is extremely inspiring and motivating. He is always looking forward and his energy always seems to grow. When I listen to him, it helps me put things back in perspective and prevents me from complaining about petty things.  He reminds me that the human potential is endless. 


8) What is your ideal holiday? 

Probably in Bali with my best friends and family; I would practice combat sports in the morning, hiphop in the evening, and party every night with many people. A paradisiac landscape to live my passions and be surrounded by the people I love, what could be better?

9) What life skills are rarely taught but extremely useful?

One of the most important skills for me is the ability to remain focused. Being focused changes the dimension, the meaning and the intensity of what you may do. We tend to be too absorbed by messages on our devices taking away our attention and focus span to become half present.  If we were taught about the benefits and the practice of focusing, we would realise it can change our lives, even for simple moments we share on a daily basis with our friends and family.

10) One word to describe your self?

Two words: passionate and hard working. Passion gives a meaning to work. Thanks to passion, I am driven and excited to deliver a good job. Without passion, I would feel dull and robotic. 

11) Which question do you want to ask the next person?

If you had only 24 hours left to live, what would you do?

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