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Timothée Paris meets Etienne Delorme

Question from Camille: why is “all attached” written separately whereas “separately” is written all attached?
For the same reason that Banana is written with a B whereas normally it should be written with an N.
Q1) How did you start your day today?

I got up, not that’s it ever super early even though I would love to start getting into that routine. I had breakfast, a tea and started working, from home.

Q2) Do you have any morning rituals?

 Not really. I like change, trying new things, so I never keep a ritual for very long. I do have one consistency in my life…fruit juice! There again that changes often, it can be a multi-fruit, a pear nectar, apple but it is always a juice!

Q3) Which music do you choose for today?

Decided to listen to my Spotify Finds of the Week. I've managed to train the algorithm so it’s generally pretty good. There’s a clever mix of French touch and house, hip hop and experimental.


Q4) What made you happy last time?

 It was a beautiful dinner with my girlfriend and best friend from Brittany. We had a great time chatting about so many different subjects, we pretty much re-built the world.

 Q5) Where is the best place you have been and why?

I would say Tuscany, for Florence of course, but also the stunning landscapes with its traditional villas sat in the middle of vineyards and surrounded by elegant cypress trees.

Q6) Your current obsession?

 Myers-Briggs' 16-personality theory is fascinating!

 Q7) Who would be your ideal dinner guest and why?

Someone you could talk to about anything and everything for hours. I would say Edouard Baer for his verve and Albert Dupontel for his depth of mind.

Q8) What is your ideal holiday?

An authentic place, with little or no tourists, where life is peaceful and the people welcoming. Being with my girlfriend and a few close friends meeting locals, having quiet walks, discovering the local culture particularly the crafts and cuisine.

Q9) What life skills are rarely taught but extremely useful?

Repair and renovate everyday objects to prolong their life.

Q10) One word to describe yourself?


Q11) Which question do you want to ask the next person?

A piece of design (furniture or lighting) that you would love to have at your place?

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