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Timothée Paris meets Mrs A.

Question from Pierre Lassalle : If you were one of Harry Potter's characters, which one would you be? And Why?

Harry Potter is clearly not my cup of tea, because I don’t know much about it, might I remind you that I was born in between wars. The only character I know is Harry Potter himself, so I would choose to be Harry Potter.

 Q1) How did you start your day today? 

I started by going to the garden to admire nature and the ballet of birds, and to listen to their songs. What did you expect?

Q2) Do you have any morning rituals?

Yes, I told you, and it really is about going to my garden, connecting with nature and consulting my tarot cards.

Q3) What music did you choose to listen to today?

Nocturne n ° 1 in B flat minor op. 9 no.1 by Chopin, because it is romantic and calming. I also get great inspiration when I play my piano. I am a true believer that we are never too old to learn new things, hence I took my first piano lesson when I became 75.

Q4) What recent event in your life made you happiest ?

My family spending the Christmas and New Year holiday with me. I hadn't seen them for a long time due to the pandemic.

Q5) Where is your favorite place that you have visited and why?

My answer surprises me: I would say London. I loved London’s energy, its mews and its diversity. I also remember having a great time dancing at the Camden Palace.   

Q6) What's your current obsession?

Working out every day to maintain my physical and mental health; after all this is what I must do to live 80 more years!

Q7) Who would be your ideal dinner guest and why?

My children and their best friends, with champagne of course!  If they are not available, champagne alone will do.

Q8) What relaxes you? 

Reading a good book on my lounge chair or watching Narcos on Netflix.

 Q9) What life skills are rarely taught but extremely useful?

The skill of raising children whilst keeping your house clean and tidy.  I have a passion for home and family, so I always have different cleaning products to keep my home looking awesome. It is also my obsession. I could also open a drugstore if I wanted to; if you need anything, feel free to come by.

Q10) One word to describe yourself?


 Q11) Which question do you want to ask the next person?

What are the greatest lessons that 2020 has taught you?


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