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Timothée Paris meets Louise

Question from Timothée to Louise: do you kow what Timothée means ? If not, what would your definition be?


1) How did you start your day today?

I had a hard time waking up. I stretched for hours before going back to sleep. Then an hour later opened an eye, but was still feeling extremely tired, I’m a heavy sleeper. Zzz ...

 2) Do you have any morning rituals?

Once awake, I always have a bowl of organic croquettes. I also love doggy bags. Then wash myself before admiring myself in the mirror. I always have to be stylish and ready to work like a dog from 9 a.m., because I am never notified in advance if guests or clients are due at home. 

3) What music would you choose for the day today and why?

I hesitate between one of Beethoven's classic symphonies or something more contemporary, like the music of Baha Men, "Who let the dogs out?" 

louis-dog-on-sofa-with-white-sneaker-cabourg-timothee-parisIN THIS STORY, LOUISE IS CHECKING CABOURG WHITE. 

 4) What made you happy the last time?

It was yesterday morning on my walk. I ran into my buddy Oscar, a Jack Russell. We talked about holidays, as we are no longer travel due to this pandemic. I can't wait to get back to a normal life.

5) Where is the best place you've been and why?

Well, I have traveled everywhere. I'm an old lady you know. I am 11 years old. But amongst all destinations, I would choose my masters’ bed. Oh My Dog, it’s soooo comfortable!

6) Your current obsession?

This new knitwear sweater I saw on the net yesterday. It would match my Timothees so well. 

7) Who would be your ideal dinner guest and why?

I know Michelle and Barack well, but I never had the chance to meet their dog, Bo. It would be an honour to dine with him. Sharing a dish of spaghetti with him would be such a fabulous moment.

 louis-chihuahua-walking-between-yellow-black-sneakers-cabourg-timothee-parisIN THIS STORY, LOUISE IS CHECKING CABOURG BUTTER YELLOW AND BLACK. 

8) What relaxes you?

Just a ray of sunshine on my favorite Bordeaux sofa.

9) What skills rarely taught would be extremely useful in everyday life?

When you really need to get a message across, don't bark. Look straight in the eyes and you will get anything you want.

10) A word to describe you?

 woof, woof, woof

11) What question would you like to ask the next person?

Are you more woof or meow? there is only one correct answer.




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kebbati karima

quelle Star Louizette comme son papa😍😘

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