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Timothée Paris meets Armand Ledanois

Armand Ledanois describes himself with just one word

“Curious,” a term that profoundly reflects his life philosophy.

What was the biggest risk you have taken? (Question from Brian Morrison)

Karaoke night, choosing songs I didn't know existed

A word to describe you ?


Can you recall the last thing that brought a smile to your face?

When I saw the sun for the first time after that gray month in Paris.

Can you name a book or movie that has significantly influenced your life?

Principles - Ray Dalio

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What are some uncommon skills that aren’t typically taught but can be invaluable in daily life?

It may not be uncommon, but definitely open-minded, transparent, and optimistic.

Have you discovered a new hobby or interest recently? What is it?

Yes I do! Neurosciences : understanding how the human brain works.

What song lyrics always come to mind and what do they mean to you?

Bach's Fugue in D minor, especially when I'm riding a Vélib bike. I find it harmonizes well with the rhythm of cycling through the capital (not so peaceful).

Where is the best place you've been and why?

Iceland, because it feels like visiting another planet.

Your current obsession?


If you could spend a day as someone else, who would it be and why?

The current commander of the International Space Station – imagine seeing Earth from space!

What’s your idea of a perfect weekend?

No matter what you do, if it feels like it has lasted a week by the time you get to Sunday evening.

What question would you like to ask the person after you?

If every color also had a taste, what would blue taste like?
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