It takes time to create a genuine luxury product and this respect for fine craftsmanship is evident in the expertly fine-tuned finish of the shoes Timothée Paris produce.

Timothée Paris has focused its ethos on creating classically inspired shoes with a modern twist that are both designed and sustainably manufactured in the Loire Vallée in France. Our designs are inspired by real people in mind, bringing a relaxed and poetic attitude to luxury shoe design.



We design and make our shoes in France. To create the finest products, our shoes are handcrafted by artisans. Our relationship with our artisans is at the very heart of Timothée Paris. By handcrafting each shoe, we can attain a level of detail that mass production simply cannot replicate. Timothée Paris's aim is to put beautiful artisanal skills at the service of men who value authenticity and innovation in their footwear. We make shoes to be proud of.



We use only the highest quality materials and draw on the traditional manufacturing skills of French artisans. The quality of our products is of the utmost importance to us. It can take more than 300 iterations to make a pair of Timothée shoes.

It may seem like a long process, but this is the only way we can produce the finest quality shoes that last. We take our time with each and every aspect of the process; this makes our products special.


WHO IS Timothée?


Timothée was named after a young child who passes by the windows of Timothée Paris's design studio every day. Mischievous, this little Parisian boy is called to order by his mother on the way to school. His name, Timothée, resonates in the street. Its sound has naturally settled into the daily life of us. Even if we have never seen Timothée, the child, we imagine him playful and curious like our artisans. We like the sound of the mother’s voice and how she says his name. «Timothée» is elegant and very French both phonetically and visually with its acute accent on the « é ».


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